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I am drawn toward light and the impact of weather upon a landscape: the sun, the rich blue of the sky after a storm, the glow on California hills in the warmth of a late summer day, the ripples on moving water, the reflections in a still pond, the wind in the fields.  


My paintings are my personal expression of this dynamic energy woven into the texture of the natural world. By highlighting the extraordinary in the ordinary - the shadow of a passing cloud, the profile of a barn at the roadside, the curve of a hill - each work is a celebration of the vibrant beauty near us, in nature, close at hand.


My love of art and expression has taken many forms, including teaching art in the New York Public Schools, to students whose hearts and minds buzzed with a creative impulse.  As the Director of Fine Art Foundries I produced monumental sculpture for internationally known artists in a cauldron of noble bronze. I’ve been a commercial illustrator for Disney Corporation, Norton Publishers, Ibanez guitars and PG&E. I’ve exhibited throughout the United States and received numerous awards, including First Prize for Painting at the Sausalito Arts Festival and was featured on KRON-TV, Channel 4.

8.13.15 Carol.Olempali_edited.jpg

My paintings have been selected by a variety of corporate clients including the Pebble Beach Country Club, the Knight-Ridder Corporation and the Federal Reserve Bank in New York. Via publishers my prints have had an international impact. 

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